You didn't get it because your immune system was strong enough to
fight it off. Hospitalized patients are the ones that are at risk for
getting c-diff. I could probably take care of a hundred patients with
it and not get it. The reason we (nurses) wear gowns when taking care
of these patients is not so much for our protection, but rather for
the protection of our other patients. And c-diff definitely isn't
new. It's been around for a while! 

 On Fri 12/12/08 10:18 AM , "Rosenfeldt, Diane" sent:
  Argh! My mother got C. diff when she was in a nursing home, and it
 a horrible horrible thing. It didn't kill her, but it took months to
 clear up. She had fallen and broken a hip and a wrist, and the
 diarrhea made everything much much harder for her and her
 I'm sort of surprised that I didn't get it from visiting her!
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