> Hideyo,
> Here is an update from the meeting with Dr. Niels Pedersen.
> I wonder if we could share this with the FelV group? I suggested  
> this to Carol and she thinks that would be a great idea. Are you  
> still member of the FelV group? If not I can ask Caroline Kaufmann  
> to crosspost updates on the SockFIP project.
> Love and hugs,
> Marleen
> To: fipcatsupp...@yahoogroups.com
> From: carolm...@aol.com
> Date: Wed, 10 Dec 2008 06:01:20 +0000
> Subject: [FIPCatSupport] Coffee with Dr. Niels Pedersen Update
> Hello all,
> I attended the Coffee with Dr. Pedersen event last Tuesday
> at UC Davis.
> It was great to see the room almost full,with some new
> faces. The meeting was video taped and will be availabe
> to order on the SOCK FIP website soon. If you haven't
> visited yet, the web site is: http://www.SOCKFIP.org.
> Dr. P talked for about an hour about the research and the
> need to raise funds to accomplish this. SOCK FIP's efforts
> are gaining recognition, and I have personally delivered
> information to vets all around the San Francisco Bay Area.
> The initial genetics study will focus on two breeds, not
> because they experience FIP more often, but chosen because
> the size of the breed pools are manageable, not too large of a
> gene pool. (Birman and Burmese are the two breeds) Dr.Pedersen
> explained the research and milestones: The feline genome
> has now been sequenced twice, and needs to be done a few
> more times, then the pieces need to be put together ACCURATELY.
> The genome sequencing compliments the genetics research Dr. P has
> embarked upon. The completed study involved several families
> of cats, that experienced multiple FIP deaths in the colony,
> however, some were spared. Some cats were resistant, while others
> were susceptible. The first study has shown promising genetic
> markers, and with further research the goal is to unveil the
> mechanism that allows the corona virus to mutate to the deadly FIP
> form. This second phase of the genetics research involves a sizeable
> investment in technology from companies (such as Affymetrix). Dr.
> Pedersen's team will be collecting DNA swabs and blood samples for
> the data bank for the study to determine what genetic differences
> make a cat FIP resistant or susceptible. "Arrays" must be chosen,
> developed and purchased to collect and store the data for the
> project.
> Back in the 60's and 70's some of you may remember the
> FELV epidemic. ONE THIRD of all sick cats presented to
> veterinarians were infected, many cats died or were immediately
> euthanized.
> The original SOCK group was formed to raise funds for Dr. P's
> FELV research and he was successful in sending that disease back
> to nature. Now, thanks to Dr. P and the many individuals who
> donated to SOCK - mostly small donations from people like you and
> me, many hundreds of thousands of dollars were raised and DR P's
> FELV research was successful in developing vaccines and therapies
> to control FELV. We no longer fear FELV. It is SOCK FIP's mission
> to do the same with FIP. Government funding is not available to
> companion animal health research, and is 90% supported by animal
> lovers and individual donors.
> A matching donor has offered to match all FIP donations up to
> $10,000 that expires at year end 2008. Sadly, SOCK FIP hasn't
> raised much more than half that figure, and time is running out!
> Our timely donations NOW will count for DOUBLE! The initial
> technology investment will be a minimum $75,000, which seems like
> a daunting figure.
> Together WE can make a difference. Please do this for our
> kitties who have PASSED, our PRESENT kitties and for a cure for
> our FUTURE fur babies. Please join the cause and be an ambassador.
> Spread the word, join SOCK FIP! http://www.SOCKFIP.org
> Give what you can, as no amount is too small.
> Please send a a check made out to:
> "UC Regents" in the memo on check write
> "FOR FIP RESEARCH - SOCK FIP" (important!)
> Mail checks to: UC Davis - CCAH - School of Vet Medicine
> Atten: Lisa Woodard-Mink, Director of Major Gifts
> One Shields Ave. Dean's Office
> Davis, CA. 95616
> In HOPE and Gratitude
> In Loving Memory of Fennster,
> Carol
> __._,_.___
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