Maybe try to tempt him with a treat of some sort?  I don't know.  You're in my 
thoughts.  I remember when I got my first cat and didn't know anything about 
them.  It takes a while.  I hope someone has more advice for you.
  tonya wrote:
  Do I need to be worried? He seemed fine this morning, but he didn't eat. 
He's spent the day in the living room, but not curled on the heat vent like he 
has done in the past. When he's been feeling bad before he curls up on the 
heat vent. He's not been very social today but he isn't doing that. 

How do I tell if he's really in pain? Or sick? Remember I've never had a 
cat before. His vet thinks that he may have had a touch of pancreatitis over 
the last couple of weeks. Dogs I know. Cats are a mystery. 

Sidney and the General

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