Laurie is correct in stating the FAF site has lots of helpful info on the 
various methods of assist feeding a cat.  Here is the link again for those who 
want to join.
As a FAF moderator I have to remind folks that all FAF posts are copyrighted 
and can only be used on other sites with the owners permission.    
Many FAF members join, read the files, feed their car and never post.  Many 
post the specifics of their cat's problems and ask for advise.  You can 
participate in whatever manner works for you and your cat.  The critical issue 
is feed the cat.  
When you join FAF you will receive a detailed e-mail on how to assist feed your 
cat with a syringe.   There are other files explaining the various types of 
feeding tubes and how they work.  Many of the cats are in critical condition 
when the owner gets to FAF.  It is a miracle how food can buy the time needed 
for the cat to recover from it's primary health problem.
I've been out of town and am just getting caught up on General's health 
issues.  From personal experience I can tell you assist feeding with a syringe 
is very doable.  I syringe fed my sweet Albert for 1 1/2 yrs (kidney, heart and 
periodontal issues).  I have been assist feeding Pequita (kidney issues) for 
almost a yr. using a baby spoon.  She will eat almost anything as long as I 
spoon feed her on my bed.  I am currently syringe feeding Bright Eyes (FeLV+).  
He had severe diarrhea, then severe constipation and now we are back to 
The very best food for a cat is whatever food they will eat.  High dollar 
specialty food is worthless if the cat turns up her nose at it.  I've tried 
EVO.  None of my cats will touch it.  They are happier with their Fancy Feast.  
  Please do not try to chance their diet overnight.  Any food change should be 
made very gradually.  
Just a quick note on onions.  Some cats - not all - develop Heinz bodies anemia 
from eating food containing onions.  For me it is just not worth the risk to 
see if my cats are ones that react to onions.  Same with garlic.
Back to catching up on posts.

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Subject: Re: [Felvtalk] General ~ another post re food
Date: Sunday, December 28, 2008, 12:03 PM

Another sample post from FAF...PLEASE JOIN. General's life depends on it.

So much has been going on here, that I cannot reply to individually,
that I just want to say this to all who are struggling with assist-
feeding their cats:

PLEASE do NOT give up on helping your cat to eat!

PLEASE do NOT put your cat to sleep if he/she is sick and lethargic
from lack of FOOD --- this is REVERSIBLE!!!

PLEASE understand that lack of calories is DEVASTATING to a cat!

PLEASE understand that lack of calories can lead easily to Feline
Hepatic Lipidosis, a quickly-deadly form of liver failure.

PLEASE understand that FOOD --- just FOOD, folks! --- can avoid
liver failure.

PLEASE understand that a cat can be EXTREMELY sick merely from LACK
of FOOD.

PLEASE understand that even if you start getting adequate calories
in your cat, he/she will NOT get back to normal quickly! It can take

PLEASE understand that oral-assist-feeding is NOT easy! It is messy,
takes patience and calm, and most cats do NOT like it! BUT, if you
want your cat to SURVIVE, you MUST commit to DOING it!

PLEASE UNDERSTAND that feeding tubes are NOT a ghastly form of
torture --- they are LIFESAVERS.

PLEASE understand that in most cases, feeding via surgically-placed
tube is a lot less stressful, on your cat AND you, than oral-
assisting. The cats receive comfort from FINALLY having food in
their stomachs, without the stress of having it put in their mouths
by an exhausted, stressed-out nervous person.

PLEASE understand that some cats tolerate oral-syringing well, but
many do NOT. If yours is one who fights you or struggles, please
talk to your vet about an e-tube. It is a short, inexpensive
surgery. There can be "glitches", yes, as you may have read here on
our site, but they are solvable. Do not let "fear of a feeding tube"
preclude your learning more about them (check our Links) and talking
to your vet about one for your cat.

PLEASE understand that surgically-placed tubes are not always
indicated (i.e., if a cat simply cannot tolerate any anesthesia at
all, or if the cat is severely debilitated) --- BUT otherwise, may
be exactly what is needed.


And no cat should die because assist-feeding is hard.

You have it in your power to save your cat. Do not give up. Do not
despair. Do not expect overnight miracles.

WE know you are exasperated! We have walked in your shoes! We are
here to support you, as best we can, with our own experiences and
Links to resources --- but you must adopt an "I can do this"
outlook! Certainly, not all cats will survive. Many have advanced
diseases that are irreversible. BUT if eating is THE problem, you
and your vet can find a way to get food into your cat, in all but
the most extreme and unusual case.


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