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My cat, Poufy, a blue cymric, has been diagnosed with felv. I am devastated. 
But of the things I have found your site gives me the most hope. She is very 
weak, not eating or drinking, and I am having to syringe-feed and water her.
My vet is not sanguine about the various treatments you list, and I wondered if 
you have any other vets in northern California besides UC Davis? I am in chico, 
and can get to Davis, (90 miles), but closer would be better. I do not want her 
to suffer needlessly. I am far too much in love with her for that. But if you 
can offer me any hope I will go to the wall for her. I raised her from a baby, 
and I love her as I love my own children. If I must I will give her an easy, 
warm, dignified ending. But I would much prefer to giver her some good, warm, 
happy days first.

Peter and Poufy


happiness is being owned by cats ...



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