You were very lucky to have had Shaft for 15 years although I know if we had 
them for 30 years it would not seem long enough.   I can feel your grief right 
now because I had to have my Mickey put down two weeks ago tomorrow.  He'd had 
malignant tumors removed twice and they had come back and apparently had spread 
to his liver.  I had him for 8 1/2 years and he was about 7 mos old when I 
found him.  I still miss him so much it hurts.  And up until the tumors showed 
up in October he had a good life.  So if I had had him euthanized as the vet 
suggested I would have missed out on the most wonderful cat of my life.   I 
know he is now in heaven with my dad and they are both cancer free and having a 

You are in my thoughts and prayers Tonya.


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>>> catatonya <> 03/08/09 10:45 AM >>>
Hello Everyone,
I know I haven't been online much lately.  I've had 2 very sick (felv -) 
kitties.  On Tuesday I had to have my big boy Shaft euthanized.  He had 
hyperthyroid, lymphoma, etc... He lived 15 years with me and I don't know how 
old he was when I pulled him from the shelter, but he was old.  My other sick 
cat (Bob) is doing well with his crf for now.  It seems like my positive cat 
(knock on wood) is my healthiest cat. lol.  It just goes to show you what a 
shame it is that people put down cats for being positive.
I'm sorry for any losses I've not responded to.  I know how you feel.  :(

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