I'm sorry to hear of your loss.  Most people on our list keep their positives 
and negatives together.  If your two negatives haven't tested positive after 
all this time, they are probably not going to.  I don't do boosters on my 
negative cats. I lost 2 negative cats in March due to different causes. My 
positive cat is one of my healthiest at at least 10 years old.......

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I'll try to make the history brief but clear (not always easy 
for me), we adopted a kitten from AC&C here in NYC in 
July 2007 to keep our cranky, one and a half year old, 
only cat Onyx company. The kitten (Cinder) was 9 weeks 
old and tested negative at adoption for FeLV. We  
added a third cat (Horus) from a rescue group that 
October (tested negative after adoption, the rescue group 
said he was negative, but there was no record of testing 
with his paperwork), and this past October added a tamed 
feral (Blackie) to the mix (kept separate from the other 
three until she was medically cleared and tested 

On January 12, 2009 our darling little Cinder was 
diagnosed with lymphoma after an extremely sudden 
decline (fine on Friday, heavy breathing, not 
eating/drinking, hiding under the bed Sunday night) at  
one year and eight months of age. I took her to the vet 
first thing Monday morning, and after xrays and an 
ultrasound found her chest so full of fluid she couldn't 
breathe and a massive tumor in her liver, we made the 
decision to let her go rather than tormenting her with  
treatment to make ourselves feel better. The postmortem 
tests revealed that Cinder had FeLV. We were in shock 
and couldn't believe how quickly she got sick!

Onyx is a three year old persian, Horus is a five year old 
mix (Siberian/Maine Coon?) and Blackie is a dsh. Onyx 
and Blackie have been the picture of health, Horus was 
diagnosed with asthma almost a year ago and is on 
Flovent twice a day.

After waiting the recommended two months, I had the 
other three tested this past Thursday. Horus and Blackie 
are negative, but Onyx came up positive. Yesterday, I had 
Horus & Blackie vaccinated, and the IFA test results for 
Onyx will be back in about a week. For now I have some 
questions that maybe some of you can answer:

1. My vet said no booster was necessary for the 
vaccinated cats, yet I see many references here to 30 day 
boosters - should I ask again or insist on the boosters?

2. The vet said to separate my kitties, but I can't stand the 
idea of locking Onyx up. From what I read, most of you 
seem to mix your positive and negative-vaccinated kitties, 
so am I being awful by not separating them? They say low 
stress environment, but Onyx likes to roam the apartment 
and it seems like it would be very stressful for her to be 

3. I feed my kitties Weruva canned and California Natural 
dry. I was thinking about supplementing with a vitamin like 
Nupro. Any suggestions in that department? Onyx is very 
picky, and it has been difficult to find foods that she will 
eat that don't upset her tummy.

I guess that's it for now, any advice anyone can give will 
be most appreciated!!


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