Thanks for all the ideas and advice.  I had thought of kitten food but thought 
it best to steer clear for the reasons mentioned- concern about kidney 
function- as we are already worried about that.  The dang cat eats just FINE- 
he eats like a horse, and is easily eating twice what the other two are, maybe 
combined.  I'm wary of getting into another bought of testing to determine why 
he's eating so much and still wasting away- see my previous thread.  Very hard 
to do lots of intensive vet work with this cat.  I'm going to try baby food as 
I think we'll be able to add it to his 'normal' rations without issue.  He's 
still king of the roost- hardly has to look at the other two and they scatter 
to the wind.  I think baby food will be viscous enough for him to nosh in one 
go with the dry.  We have also begun giving him bits of chicken throughout the 
day- if he didn't think he was special before...... well, now his crown is 
almost visible. Thanks again all-Amy
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