My guy is a very big (15.5 lb) FeLV+.  he's supposed to be taking interferon 
on a week and off a week.  It has gotten to the point that now after about 3 
days on, he seems to feel bad, he curls up and won't leave the bed all day and 
won't eat.  I stop the interferon and he's good to go again within 24 hours.  

My vet just insists that there's no corrolation.  I'm fairly new at this cat 
thing since he's only lived with me for 2 years and I have ZERO cat experience 
prior to that time.  But I swear there's a corrolation. 

Do I stop the interferon or do I keep on?  

BTW I just started giving him vetricine as my dog is on that for her immune 
issues (the cat vet (who is a cat specialist) doesn't know about that :-) and I 
now have the cat on the lysine powder , that comes from the vet, all the time 
as he would have runny eyes and sneezing and I'd give it, then he'd clear up 
and the vet would say stop, and then he'd start again. So now I just leave him 
on it (vet doesn't know that either :-)  

my vet bills ran so high last year that I am trying to do a few things for 
myself rather than taking him in every time he sneezes or doesn't eat.

So anyone have any similar experience with interferon?  

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