If the babies are fat, and healthy looking and not crying. They
are fine.  Hungry kittens will cry, and if these kittens were 
born April 1st, they will keep mom cat drained of milk as fast
as she makes it.


On 04-16, sheila...@aol.com wrote: Hello all . I haven't posted in a
> while but have been reading everyday.  All of my positives are
> healthy and happy, but on April fools day I had a stray cat come to
> my front door . I brought her in fed her and two hours later she
> gave birth to three beautiful healthy kittens. When I was petting
> the momma this morning I rubbed her stomach and it feels like she
> has no milk in her breast. The kittens are fat little butterballs
> and are not crying from hunger. Is this normal or should I be
> concerned. My vet is closed on Thursday and the next vet is fifty
> miles away.  I'm not sure what to do. I don't want to be a nervous
> nelly if the babies are just drinking the milk as fast as she makes
> it.
> Sheila in SC

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