Thanks for your replies Gloria, Heather and Lorrie.

Yesterday Pixie's pupils dilated normally and I thought she was
healed. But today the unresponsive pupil is back and she's closing
that eye quite a bit. I can't tell if her vision is impaired. Anyhow,
she's going to the vet first thing tomorrow and I'll ask that she's
tested for toxoplasmosis, which could actually explain a number of
things. (Thanks for suggesting this, Heather.)

Back in January she wouldn't eat and had a fever for a couple of days,
and as part of treatment she got antibiotics (can't remember what
kind) that might've suppressed a Toxoplasma gondii infection she
might've already had back then. I like this theory... sure beats a
brain tumor diagnosis!

Gloria and Lorrie: Thanks for letting me know that Pixie can still
have a good life even if the pupil thing is permanent and her vision
is impaired.


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I may haev mentioned, we've seen this a few times in FIV and FELV cats.  I had
an older FIV cat with high blood pressure who had uneven pupils.


Heather <> wrote:

I believe that tumors, high blood pressure and toxoplasmosis can also cause
uneven pupils or similar occular irregularities.

On Wed, Apr 15, 2009 at 5:37 PM, Lorrie <> wrote:

Giselle, In my previous e-mail I neglected to mention this cat
I rescued had an injury to his head just above the eye that won't
dilate and the vet said most likely this caused him to go blind
 in that eye.


On Wed, Apr 15, 2009 at 5:34 PM, Lorrie <> wrote:

I have a rescued male (neutered now) who is probably 2 or 3 years
old.  When I got him I noticed one eye wouldn't dilate. The vet said
he is probably blind in that eye, but it hasn't bothered him in the
least. He is active, eats like a pig and is a big lovable boy. He
was also FelV neg when tested a year ago.


On 04-15, Giselle de Grandis wrote:

Karen, thanks for your reply. I'm not aware of any head injury but
that doesn't mean it couldn't have happened when I wasn't around.
Pixie is a little monkey and we have very steep stairs. The prospect
of a head injury or a slight stroke causing the unresponsive pupil is
upsetting but needs to be dealt with, I guess. I wonder what my vet
can/should/will do for her since the general approach to medicine
(human and animal) in the Netherlands, where I live, is "wait and
see". She's not on any meds and eats a tiny cube of tuna for cats
mixed with L-lysine and a drop of fish oil each morning. She grazes on
grain-free dry food for the rest of the day.


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You should probably take her in for an exam. ?This could be caused by a head
injury from a fall, etc. (i.e.,what could have caused the head trauma
or imbalance to cause such a bump), slight stroke, etc., all of which
needs to have your vet take a quick look. ?Is she on any meds that
could initiate such a response? ?(Very few meds will cause such a

Hope all turns out O.K.

Karen Griffith

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This morning I noticed something strange about one of Pixie's eyes --
it won't dilate in response to light like the other eye and the pupil
stays the size of a fat grain of rice. She's four years old.

Does anyone know why this is happening? Does she need to see the vet?
My Google searches on this topic yield some scary results.

Thanks for your help.

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