I'm certainly not a vet, so maybe this is overkill,  but I'm very cautious 
about carrying disease/germs etc. when I come back from the shelter (I 
volunteer there)  I am afraid, not that I'll infect anyone there, but that my 
FeLV+ boy will pick up some germ from there.  So I don't take him there and I 
literally take off my shoes at the door of my house, and immediately go to 
the bathroom and take off all my clothes and take a shower when I come in the 
door just in case I have anything on me that he might get.  I then spray 
down my shoes with lysol before I bring them in. I put the clothes in the 
hamper and wash them before I wear them again.  I'm a regular volunteer. 

I may be carrying it too far but i am scared that I'll bring something home 
to either the cat or the dog who has chronic erlichiosis.  


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