Amy, I am so sorry....this disease sucks.

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> Subject: [Felvtalk] Zuckerman has crossed
> My Zman lost his fight today.  He is my 6th in the past 9 months.  I know 
> that it is to be expected when you take in sickly street kids, but it doesn't 
> help with the pain of losing any one of these wonderful creatures.  .
> Zuckerman was a 2 week old kitten with a horrible URI when I found him.  He 
> quickly became a momma's boy, going to work with me during the day and 
> holding paws through the carrier door at night.
> Once old enough to graduate from the carrier, he became quite the snuggler, 
> curling up at my neck during the night.  He loved to suckle earlobes and 
> would launch himself off a piece of furniture onto any unsuspecting person 
> who happened by in order to attach himself to one.  I told him that he would 
> have to stop because we couldn't have a 12 pound adult "catapulting" himself 
> onto everyone.  Guess I don't have to worry about that now, he was only 8 
> months old and less than 4 pounds at the end.  
> We were holding paws when he left.
> It's been said before by all of us and unfortunately I know it will be said 
> many more times, but I hate this freaking disease.
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