Aw Sharyl,  I'm so sorry.  CJ was the same age and came from dire circumstances 
as did my Zuckerman. 
I understand the attachment that some make directly to the heart.  We love them 
all but some do seem to become a part of us.  I know this is still too fresh to 
appreciate, but CJ died knowing pure love and neck snuggles and I am so happy 
you were there to intervene last summer.  Thank you for that.
Rest in peace sweet CJ.
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Subject: [Felvtalk] Please Add CJ to the CLS
Date: Saturday, May 23, 2009, 7:34 PM

I had to have CJ (Captain Jack Sparrow) PTS this morning.  I had taken him to 
the vet Monday and she dx anemia from the FeLV.  In spite of assist feeding and 
B12 supplements he faded.  Went downhill fast Friday and showed signs of 
distress Friday night.  With the holiday week end I just couldn't wait any 

CJ was one of 4 dumpster babies I rescued last summer.  They were just 4 weeks 
old.  I have since TNR'd their Momma.  CJ was the loving-est little boy.  He 
would sleep under my chin and purr me to sleep every night.  No idea how I'll 
get to sleep tonight.  Every time I sat down he was in my lap for hugs and 
petting.  Out of all the cats I've had he was the sweetest. 

I know he is in a better place.  It's just hard to lose any of them but even 
harder with the special ones.  I just have Mattie, who is blind, left out of 
this litter.  She is my adventurer.  Goes where no kitty in their right mind 
would go.  She is also FeLV+ and currently asymptomatic.   I pray I'll have her 
for a long time.



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