You do all you can. Lots of ferals show up at Mom's. One, an awful looking little guy whose eyes ran, nose ran etc. showed up. He continued to hang out, finally finding a way to get along with the resident ferals which is the primary requirement for food, water and shelter with this group. I finally got some antibiotics into him and got him trapped and to a vet for neutering. While he was under, he shuttered with pain from his teeth. The vet called with the information and what needed to be done (pulling the majority of his teeth). I oked the procedure and expense. Before his trip to the vet he informed me that his name was Pretty me, that was not the case. However, he certainly is now. His tongue hangs out like he is sticking it out at the world but that appears to be his only problem. He has assumed a real role with the Cat Nation and is helping new comers acclimate. Even a cat who is so hard up can be wonderful and have a great life. Oh, yes.......the vets say Pretty Boy is 9-11 years old. To have reached that age, he had to belong to someone sometime. Bless you for caring for Boscoe. I am sure each of us would like to have someone who cared if we were down on our luck.
On May 26, 2009, at 4:00 PM, Susan Hoffman wrote:

Fundable takes a 10% cut for using their service, so that's why the ultimate goal is $550.

The reason they want to do a blood panel is because the cat is at least middle-aged, if not elderly; he is emaciated; and has been eating like crazy. All things together really call for a baseline senior blood panel. Could be kidney or blood sugar problems. Or it could just be a case of a severerly debilitated cat making up for lost time now that his mouth doesn't hurt and there's plenty of food. But he is an old geezer and should have a senior blood panel to see where things are at this point.

I think Boscoe may have a couple of very good years ahead of him, despite the FeLV. He is a tough old guy to have survived life on the streets with an infected mouth, broken rib, matted and dirty. And now that he's gotten the mouth taken care of, he's been eating 4 cans of food a day. He's getting so strong, it's like trying to shove a rhino back in its cage when he tries to get out. I think he has some very good quality of life ahead of him,

And how could I not help him. A cat shows up at your door in that condition, you do what you can.

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Curious...why do they want to do a
blood panel?
Also, why does the fundraising page list the goal at $550?
I rescued a guy a number of years ago who was four paw
declawed, elderly and his mouth was a mess. Someone had shut
him in the wall of a building and a worker heard his cries
and let him out. He, too, tested positive for FeLV. He lived
several more years in a sanctuary with friends of mine.
Boscoe sounds a lot like him.....
Thanks for helping him.

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to get to sanctuary

Permission to cross-post granted.  Cross-posting
encouraged.  I have just a few days to raise the money
for Boscoe.

Boscoe's fundraising page is set up at

Boscoe’s a really hard luck boy. He used to be
someone’s pet but somehow wound up trying to survive on
the streets. He showed up at my house wearing a tight dirty
flea collar, emaciated and filthy. We took him in, put him
in a quarantine cage till we could get him to a vet.

Boscoe had his vet appointment May 17th and the poor old
boy had a lot going on:

1. His mouth was a mass of bad teeth and infection. How he
managed to eat enough to survive is anyone’s guess. Also,
he has a condition called ankylosis – the teeth fuse to
the bone of the jaw. This made dental work more difficult
but they did a really good job with the boy.

2. He was filthy. He could not groom himself with his
diseased mouth and when he tried he just got foul smelling
spit all over himself. And he had burrs and debris stuck in
what should have been a longhaired gray and white coat. His
tail was like one solid dreadlock. So Boscoe was shaved from
neck to tail. BIG improvement.

3. He was neutered, got his FVRCP and rabies vaccines,
nails trimmed, ears cleaned.

4. And Boscoe tested FeLV+

The FeLV+ part really sucked. It meant I could not offer
Boscoe lifetime sanctuary. We have 9 cats of our own,
including two who are FIV+, senior and special needs
fosters, as well as a steady stream of more readily
adoptable foster cats. So Boscoe is stuck in a cage at my
house. There’s just no alternative.

But Boscoe has gotten very very lucky. He has been accepted
into a small home-based sanctuary – a home with a family
where they take only FeLV+ cats. He can spend what time he
has left in this world napping on a bed in a sunbeam, having
his long coat brushed daily (once it grows back), never
missing a meal. This is a HOME for this boy!

The family that runs this sanctuary quite reasonably
requests a donation when they accept a new cat. In
Boscoe’s case, because of his age (estimated between 6 and
8 years though a vet tech swears he is 14 because of his
nails), the requested donation is $500. They want to get
Boscoe a senior blood panel immediately and that isn’t
cheap. The donation is reasonable and the opportunity for
Boscoe to have a wonderful life in a family environment is
just so amazing. I have to raise the money to get him

I can’t afford $500 out of my own pocket. I can kick in
something. But I really need help with this. Please, please,
please help me get the money that Boscoe needs to go to this
sanctuary. Any donation will help.

Thanking you in advance on behalf of Boscoe and myself.

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