at the sanctuary, they had a number of kitties with FeLV who developed
"saddle" aneurysms--i can't adequately describe the medical condition,
but like all aneurysms, they kill quickly and silently. i'm not sure
why FeLVs would be more susceptible to them than any other cat would
be, or if we're just more attuned to what happens to our positives
because we're aware that they're often on the edge.....

and yes, HCM can be detected with an EEG; it's often (if not always?
not sure about that part) genetic--a BIG problem in maine coons (they
have isolated the genes responsible), and bengals, and certain other
breeds.... with HCM, often the ONLY symptom is sudden death, but if a
cat is diagnosed, meds are very effective in controlling it.


On Tue, Jun 2, 2009 at 3:33 PM, Belinda Sauro <> wrote:
>   I'm not sure, my Joey has HCM and fortunately for me he had symptoms, a
> heart murmur, when we heard that I had an ultrasound done and we could see
> the slight thickening on the left side.  We are very lucky that his is
> progressing very slowly, he has been on heart meds for 4 years and every 6
> months we would do an ultrasound, but now that we know his is a slow
> progressing form we are doing ultrasounds once a year.  He is due in August
> for one.
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