Ok now this is just plain heartbreaking.I just found out tonight that sweet 
little Dani (Dani girl) lost to this disgusting disease.Ok so how much 
heartbreak are we supposed to take all at once??  Cherry and Grace are still 
foghting the good fight.
Dani was a dainty sweet Tortie.She will be missed.
Please keep Dr Jen in your prayers,she is especially having it rough.Not only 
is she battling the felvs right now but several Crash  cats are too very ill.We 
lost a Crash cat too this week.Patton was a sweet big black boy.She is also 
trying to save a couple other Crash cats that are very ill.It is really adding 
up the medical bills.I am trying to think of some way to help out with some of 
them.She puts her heart soul and money into these wonderful animals.Thanks for 
your prayers.Sorry for all the sad news in the past week,I hope you dont kick 
me off the list. :(

"We who choose to surround ourselves with lives more temporary
than our own,
Live within a fragile circle,easily and often breached.
Unable to accept its awful gaps.
We still would have it no other way"

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