My stats to begin with. 11 cats
1 turned up positive and I kept her.  She lived to 7 or 8.
1 positive is probably 10 by now and is fine and dandy.
I'm down to 4 cats now.  I've lost more cats to old age reanal disease.

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All I can do is give you my stats.

6 positives in the house; 3 died before they were 1; 2 thriving at age 2, 1 
thriving at age 1.
2 positives in the dumpster colony I TNR'd; both still thriving at age 2.

Sissy, one of my house 2 y/o, has always had swollen lymph glands. Rocket, her 
sister, does not have any symptoms.   

>From what I have read here, it seems some kitties are just genetically better 
>able to cope with the disease.  Maybe they have stronger immune systems.  
>Since all of mine come from the same dumpster colony I do not expect any of 
>them to see 20.  I am happy for each good day we have. 

I've lost cats to CRF, heart disease and a dog attack in addition to FeLV.   I 
learned to treasure each day we have together.  Worrying about the future 
doesn't help me or the cats.

Hug your kitty for me

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> That is really what I would LOVE to
> know.  Sammie is very healthy and I
> almost died when he tested positive.  I'm trying
> everything I can to
> keep his immune system as healthy as I can.  I don't
> know much about
> cats - he is my first and was a stray.  I am now
> looking into BLUE SEAL
> FOOD with Belinda told me about and someone told me about
> AC-11.
> Thank you so much for writing.
> Susan 
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> GLOW for cleveland!
> and my friend KatieKalico is about 12 now, and still going
> strong--still
> positive, and the other cats in her house are still
> negative (they are
> ALL vaccinated, including Katie)....
> i'm really starting to wonder how many positives--even true
> positives,
> not just those who test positive once on an ELISSA and are
> never
> retested--actually get sick? it might be a very small
> number, but no
> one's ever looked into it since FeLVs are easier to just
> kill.....
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