This is wonderful for me to hear.  Sammie was tested positive in May and
I was such a wreck.  This list has given me so much hope.  Most of the
information on the interest says that most cats will die within 3 years.


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My DD is at least 10.... she's been positive since i got her. test on
elisa and the other one.

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GLOW for cleveland!

and my friend KatieKalico is about 12 now, and still going strong--still
positive, and the other cats in her house are still negative (they are
ALL vaccinated, including Katie)....

i'm really starting to wonder how many positives--even true positives,
not just those who test positive once on an ELISSA and are never
retested--actually get sick? it might be a very small number, but no
one's ever looked into it since FeLVs are easier to just kill.....

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