great news!

if it HADN'T worked, was gonna mention something i learned yesterday, when i
posted the link on my facebook page: i got at least five folks asking why
the secrecy about the sanctuary....... all the questions were from good
friends, all of whom, actually, cohosts of mine at, but
might be something to consider next time.....

incidentally, i placed two cats yesterday using facebook, and each time i've
put someone's story up there, i've been able to reach friends who aren't
necessarily in rescue per se, but have their own circle of friends to
circulate the stories to--so don't forget it as a place to post!

hip hip meow, for snowball and reyna, and michael and family who are
enlarging that family!


and susan, next time, use Chip-In: you get to keep whatever money you
collect, even if you don't meet the goal--check with kim for the details!

Spay & Neuter Your Neighbors!
Maybe That'll Make The Difference....

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