How long can the feline leukemia virus live outdoors?

Is it safe for a healthy cat, up to date on her vaccines, including the felv 
vaccine, to roam and play in the same place a felv positive cat used to play, 
roam, pee and poop?

The positive cat use to play, roam, pee and poop in my back yard (grass). This 
was happening less than two or three weeks ago. She is now with a best friend 
who adopted her from me.
She was an indoor cat but I allowed her to be outdoors, only in my back yard, 
she didn't go anywhere else, once a day (each day). My back yard is filled with 
flowers, grass and tall plants. She loved my back yard.

I want to let the new cat I got, who is healthy, be outdoors too. She will be 
an indoor cat but I want her to get fresh air once in a while. Specially now 
during the summer. My house gets really hot and humid. I don't have AC. 

Is it safe? 


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