I am so glad to hear that she is holding her own! I have asked my vet if she 
would consider trying the Imulan and she agreed. She has set up her account 
with them last week and hopefully will be able to place an order in the next 
week. Since rescuing 5 feral kittens last year (Oct 08) plus a bonus FeLV that 
was tossed into the feral colony, we have lost the 4 brothers in the past 5 
months, only one barely made it to a year old. We still have the tabby sister, 
Rosie and the bonus kitty-Murphy. We had attempted a transfusion with the 
second one, with not so good results-he was euthanized after having a reaction 
during the procedure. We quit counting after 6 grand. This has been a long, 
heartbreaking journey. With only the 2 cats left and they are just a tad over a 
year old, we can't give up. Reading about Autumn has given us hope that there 
is something out there that will help. We already are giving the Interferon 
Alpha 2x a day. Rosie and Murphy appear
 healthy, bright and shiny, playful-but so did her brothers until they just 
crashed fast. Maybe in Rosie's case it may be the female gene-her mother is 
still alive and feral, we TNR'd he last year and she has always appeared 
healthy-in fact since her spay, has become filled out and relaxed-we can even 
pet her on occaison. I have so much hope that the Imulan will help us-we are 
going to follow the once a week for a month on the injections and see where how 
it goes.
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