Glad to hear Lil Bit is doing better. She is lucky to have you. Jenny, how
is Autumn?

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glad someone else is having good luck with their babies.  my Lil Bit was
looking pretty rough and had lost a lot of weight so took her to vet and did
a full panel on her and strted fluids and antibiotic right away.  learned
one thing, warm up the fluids to your own body temperature before giving
them to your cat.  she fused with me the first time (hadn't thought about
warming fulids) then i got smart and put the bag in a bowl of warm water
first.  she still did not like getting stuck, but things went a lot smoother
after that.  did fluids 2 times a day.  when blood work came back, her
creatine and bun readings were off the chart.  went back last week for
recheck since she was looking much better, eatng better and her counts are
normal.  that baby food sure did come in handy during that time.  it was
easy for her to eat and she did like it.  did not have to feed her, she ate
it on her own.  how lucky can a body get?  continued good fortune for all
with sick babies, it is almost as hard on us as it is on them.  like a
mother caring for her sick child.  dorlis
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