Thanks for your input, Belinda.  You have all been so much
help and thankfully I don't feel alone in this journey.
It's such a comfort knowing others have been through this
and can share insight that would otherwise be unavailable to
me.  Thank you from the bottom of my heart.  

Lukey just came home from the vet today.  He has a feeding
tube through his nose which he hates but he's obviously glad
to be back home and I'm obviously glad to have a way to feed
him that doesn't involve kicking and scratching!  

The good news is that his reticulocyte count is climbing and
the bad news is that his hematocrit is lower at around 14%.
I have been talking with Jenny off and on today about what
his profile means and how likely it is that his number will
continue to fall while we wait on his red blood cells to
regenerate sufficiently to raise it.  She told me that
Autumn went from 14 to 4 in a week but that she only had one
shot of LTCI on board at the time and was not yet showing
regeneration.  Lukey still has his catheter in for another
day or two just in case.  

So for now I'm going to watch him very closely and have a
vet lined up in case a transfusion is necessary.  If you
believe in prayer, we could sure use some extra in the
coming days while we wait on the LTCI to continue to help

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>    My Vet will wait as low as 12 but it really depends on
the cat
> and
> the shape they are in.  Fred's HCT is at 20 right now the
> it's
> been since he started down this road of kidney
insufficiency 4
> years
> ago.  I think if he goes too much lower he will have to
> epogen.
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