Typically a nasal tube is used at the hospital for cats too weak for an e-tube. 
 Some have used a nasal tube at home.  You have to use a liquid food like 
Clinicare with the nasal tube.  Have you joined the Yahoo Assist Feeding group?
There is info in their files on members who have used a nasal tube at home.

I would follow your vets advise as to whether Lukey is strong enough for the 
procedure for an e-tube.  Check out the FAF files on e-tubes if you go that 

E-tube placement should be a simple procedure but there is always a risk with a 
sick kitty.  

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> Belinda, 
> We were just concerned about sedating him to put the
> e-tube
> in, since he's weak and his RBCs so low.  Have any of
> you
> ever had an e-tube placed in a cat that was this anemic?
> Again, any information or advice I can glean from all of
> you
> is most appreciated and heeded, since this is my first
> FeLV
> kitty to crash. 
> Thanks!


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