I am saying multiple, multiple prayers for you both!! How many injections has 
he had so far? We just gave the 2nd one Friday night to Rosie and Murphy. We 
had lost Rosie's 4 brothers within a 5 month period and they were so young, 6 
1/2 months to just turned a year old. We had tried a transfusion that went 
badly on the 2nd brother. We've had them on Interferon for a long time and now 
are giving it 2 times a day-it just slows the virus down, but it is ever 
advancing. We didn't wait for our last two to crash...we know it's coming. We 
begged our vet to order the Imulan and she did. They are as anxious as we are 
to see how it goes. Yes, we all know it is just an "Aid", as everyone here 
does. It is posted as such on the Imulan website. What I do know is that Rosie 
and Murphy are playing much more and much harder-they fly around the house-up 
and down the cat trees and are now chasing each other-something they haven't 
done before. They have spent 85% of their
 short lives on antibiotics for one infection after another. In June and July, 
I thought Murphy was going to die-he was vomiting and had diarreah so bad- 2 
courses of Zithromax and he pulled through. After watching Schatzi-the last 
brother to pass, struggle to breathe as his lungs filled with fluid and he 
cried out over and over-his heart rate through the roof and he was panting-his 
little ribs and chest heaving to get oxygen........no, this is the hardest 
thing to go through as a "parent"....driving in the middle of the night again 
to UC Davis to release him from his agony like his 3 brothers before him-a 
monthly ritual. I didn't ask for a litter of sick feral kittens a year ago, but 
it is what I got. I didn't ask to fall in love with these 6 kittens, but we 
did-and thank goodness, my husband, my son and his wifewere as smitten as I am. 
I HAVE TO TRY to save these last 2 and I don't want to be told basically that I 
am a fool. I work long hard days, we
 are already struggling-but we CHOOSE to buy the Imulan and we are saving money 
by administering the shots at home. Our vet will work with us on the CBCs every 
2 weeks (Rosie's platelets were low last week) -and this treatment is way 
cheaper than a transfusion. Bless all who are staying hopeful and positive that 
someday we will find a "Treatment Aid" that helps these poor babies. Alice
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