Alice I am so happy for you and your two little ones.  They are looking
better both clinically and with respect to the lab values.  That's fantastic

I am so happy you started early with them.  That seems to be their best
chance at responding.  I have heard a number of individuals whose cats
turned negative after a few months of treatment.  I really hope all
continues to go well,  please keep us updated.

A quick note on Autumn.  Her clinical symptoms continue to improve.  She is
eating very well, drinking and her energy is still improving.  She looks
more and more like herself everyday.  I wish, however, that I had not waited
so long.  Her CBC is showing an increase in reticulocytes, lymphocytes and
platelets.  I may, however, have waited too long as there is some indication
of MDS - it is basically red blood cells, platelets and neutrophils that are
sickly - they don't develop properly and can lead to leukemia.  I am hoping
that I didn't wait too long and that she can overcome this.  Potentially it
is because her red blood cells are trying so hard to replicate that they
look abnormal or it may be more serious.

So her saga continues, but a single injection monthly is far less traumatic,
painful and expensive than treating with all the other things normally
associated with this disease.  I will continue to give the injections,
ambrotose and most importantly prayer.

God bless you and your sweet little angels.


P.S.  Please do not be disheartened by the words of discouragement I have
read in this forum recently.  I do not understand it. I believe that
sometimes the only thing that pulls us through is hope.  Don't give up on
that.  If we never try, we will always fail.

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> Our vet just called-the blood tests results from this morning are back and
>> they are both improving! Rosie's platelets are in the normal range too! She
>> said there is a buzz in the office and they have been telling their other
>> patients about this product and how it appears promising. We will retest in
>> 2 weeks and will be cutting down from once weekly injections. This one
>> tonight will only be the 3rd one. We are following the manufacturer's
>> protocol to be sure it is effective. We did not wait for them to "crash"
>> before starting the treatments, hoping to get months, not weeks-but it is
>> looking better than that, but I am afraid to hope for too much-I am grateful
>> for every "healthy" appearing day.
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