I would definitely start something whether it be interferon or the LTCI
injections.  They may not look sick when first diagnosed but they go
downhill quickly and you feel helpless.  There is some suggestion of thymic
hypoplasia in these young cats with felv+.  (the thymus is responsible for
the production of T cells which are necessary for the destruction of this
virus).  Interferon helps aid in the activity of the T cells.  LTCI is
thought to stimulate the production of interferon by the cat's own cells.
Overall each one increases levels of interferon to help the Tcells.  LTCI
just stimulates the cat's own body to make it.

I highly recommend doing something to increase the cat's chance of long term
survival.  Have your vet look into LTCI from Imulan if they are not familiar
with it.  There is some suggestion that early use of some aid may increase
the likelihood of the cat turning negative.  I can't say for certain.  Good


On Thu, Oct 8, 2009 at 2:05 PM, Jeff Mills <> wrote:

> I have a little 4.5 mo. old black kitten rescued as a stray who tests FeLV+
> on a snap test. They won't do an IFA until he's been separated for three
> months (he lives in my bathroom currently), "9 mos. old would be better."
> My vet is recommending we put the kitten on Interferon *now,* that she has
> had good results with it (she has an FIV kitty of her own who she allows to
> mix with her negative 5 kitties).  She thinks it could help him with quality
> of life down the road.
> What do you guys think?  I've seen some conversation on this list
> previously, but hadn't paid much attention to it because I didn't think I'd
> be in this position, at least not this soon.
> Jeff
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