Please consider looking into the product LTCI.  It is the only approved
treatment aid for FeLV and FIV cats.  The studies that have been done and
through others experiences; the treatment has very promising results.

On Fri, Oct 9, 2009 at 1:28 PM, Anna Waltman <> wrote:

> Dear all,
> Thanks for the kind thoughts and advice regarding Sylvia's recent positive
> diagnosis.  She and I both really appreciate and feel encouraged by your
> support.
> Beatrice goes for her vaccine today; I am going to ask the vet tech to test
> her before giving her the vaccine.  She's about four months old, was
> negative when I adopted her at ten weeks, and from what I gather, if she's
> positive and we put her on Interferon, she may have a better chance of
> fighting it off before it gets into her bone marrow.  Thoughts? And how
> expensive is Interferon? I'm a graduate student and have a small reserve of
> funds from a loan excess check, but I'm certainly not rolling in cash.
> These two are such wonderful kitties, and excellent friends to me and each
> other.  I want them both to have the longest, happiest lives possible.  I'm
> so, so glad we have good people to turn to for advice on how to live with
> this disease!
> In solidarity,
> Anna
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