the problem with PCR tests is that none, as far as i know, have proven to be
consistently valid and reliable, at least in this country. i know that
they've been trying to create a reproducible test that can be counted on,
but so far everything i've read has shown the same sorts of problems:
getting inconsistent results within the same lab on known samples, and
across labs when using samples from the same cat.

i haven't read anything recently that contradicts this; i know that for a
while UC Davis had a test for FIV that supposedly could tell the difference
between wild and vaccine-induced strains; you can't even find any mention of
said test on their website any longer. IDEXX has just put out a PCR test for
the same thing, again, with FIV, but the accuracy rates are in question with
that, too.

i'd do another IFA if it were my cat, because if i got a positive from a PCR
test, at this point in its development, i'd go and run another IFA anyway!


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