I don't know why, but I've been thinking about her and had been wondering how 
things have been going. I think it's the leaves changing-I look out my window 
to see what the old nags are doing out in their little field and see the 
mulberry trees turning colors and dropping leaves in the wind-I kept thinking 
Autumn...and then I realized you've been quiet, then I worried. I am so very 
sad-this #!*% disease steals our youngest from us. I lost the 4 brothers, 
Rosie's littermates this past year-only one made it to a year old, just barely. 
When I read of the Imulan product through your postings and Christy and Gray 
Kitty's postings-I knew I had to try and catch this before it became full blown 
anemia-their bloodwork at UC Davis in June was showing changes-nothing real 
bad, just indicators of anemia signs, little things-Murphy's and Rosie's tests 
said slight anisocytosis-the same as Oni who passed at 10 1/2 months (July) and 
Schatzi-he died right at a year old
 mid August. Buster and Jack had died already in May and June. My little feral 
litter-who knew that these sick little ones would turn our world upside down in 
such a short time. I pray for all our babies-it seems when they have the virus 
from birth or shortly after, it's almost surely a death sentence at a young 
age. I am glad we are trying the LCTI and we are still giving the Alpha 
Interferon 2x a day. They have soo much energy now-they play and play. I never 
knew they could be so energetic. Even if it's temporary (I am hoping it's not) 
it is so worth it. It's giving us time we need to have with them and not worry 
constantly about if this is it....and I noticed, neither one has had a sniffle 
or a sneeze since beginning the LCTI...strange...we were constantly buying 
antibiotics-we had constant refills of Zithromax at the Walmart 
pharmacy...knock on wood-but it's been over 2 1/2 months since their vomiting 
and diarreah spell. Strange how a good month
 seems like a lifetime when your kitties have been sick most of their lives. 
Jenny-Autumn is in good company-she is free of this horrible disease and is 
running and playing with all of our kitties now-she was so loved and I know she 
is ok. You are a very special lady with a big heart and I appreciate all I've 
learned here from you. I can hear Murphy galloping around the living room, 
chasing Rosie (he has a little bell) and I am grateful that I have this extra 
time with them. I have you and the others who are the pioneers with these new 
products to thank. So it was not in vain.  Alice 
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