is a place you can post about breeder experiences
if the breeder does not cooperate with you or if you want to make sure other
buyers know about the FeLV.

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You are certainly in the right place to learn about caring for your FELV+ 
cats.  But I'd
like to suggest that it is really important to follow through with the 
breeder that you
bought these kittens from.  I'm not quite sure the best path to follow in 
doing that though.
Maybe you have already contacted him or her.

It seems critical to me that the breeder not sell more infected kittens to 
people that may
be less compassionate than you are and who may drop them off at a shelter. 
 And also
that the breeder not dump the kittens somewhere outside or leave them at a 
shelter herself. 
Having been a dedicated shelter volunteer, my perspective is that it often 
just spreads the tragedy
for contagious kittens and cats to go into a shelter environment.  And of 
course, the breeder
REALLY needs to contact other customers whose cats may be infected to stop 
the spread
of the disease in their homes.There really is no good way for a breeder to 
go forward from 
something like this and I imagine there may be some who would just like to 
ignore the whole
issue and hope it goes away.
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