Thanks for the info. Tracey.......
Fortunately I already have a heavy duty grinder. 


On 11-19, Tracey Shrout wrote: Lorrie, Yes, I think raw is the best
> also.  If you go to those websites, they give you step-by-step
> instructions on how to make it. You have to be careful to follow
> the recommended proportions.  It does take a little time to
> convince the cats that this is what they should be eating.  One of
> mine, a 12 year old dry food 'addict' took almost 2 months to
> completely change to this diet.  The others were much easier to
> convince.  I just mixed it with a good canned food, progressively
> adding more raw.  They will eventually eat it by itself and love
> it, you just have to be determined.  Occasionally, I do give some
> canned food for variety, or when I run out of the raw.  On those
> websites, they also explain how to grind it -- you will have to buy
> a grinder, and yes, you should use real bones.  Its daunting at
> first, but gets easier everytime you make it.
> Tracey

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