Yes, I think raw is the best also.  If you go to those websites, they give
you step-by-step instructions on how to make it. You have to be careful to
follow the recommended proportions.  It does take a little time to convince
the cats that this is what they should be eating.  One of mine, a 12 year
old dry food 'addict' took almost 2 months to completely change to this
diet.  The others were much easier to convince.  I just mixed it with a good
canned food, progressively adding more raw.  They will eventually eat it by
itself and love it, you just have to be determined.  Occasionally, I do give
some canned food for variety, or when I run out of the raw.  On those
websites, they also explain how to grind it -- you will have to buy a
grinder, and yes, you should use real bones.  Its daunting at first,
but gets easier everytime you make it.


On Tue, Nov 17, 2009 at 5:07 PM, Lorrie <felineres...@kvinet.com> wrote:

> I think a raw food diet is best for cats, as it's certainly more
> natural, with none of the by-products and other awful stuff they add
> to cat food. However only one of my cats will eat it. The others just
> sniff it and walk away.  I'd be interested in hearing what your diet
> consists of. Are there any particular proportions you use of the
> chicken, bones, organ meat, egg, vitamins etc, and can bone meal be
> used instead of bones?  I don't know how I'd grind bones.
> Lorrie
> On 11-15, Tracey Shrout wrote: Anna, I will give you my personal
> > opinion dealing with severe diahrrea in 2 of my kitties, one of
> > which is +.  After many trips to the vet and having many tests for
> > parasites and doses of parasitic medicines, antibiotics, trying
> > fortiflora (which does help some), nothing completely resolved
> > their issues until I started feeding my cats what I feel is the
> > best food possible -- a raw homemade diet of chicken and bones (and
> > organ meat, egg, and vitamins, etc).  Lots of people are totally
> > against feeding raw, but I have 5 very healthy kitties who've been
> > eating it for almost 2 years now with remarkable changes in all of
> > them.  No more diahrrea for my kitties, and most of the time is
> > doesn't even have an odor (no kidding!) I will never go back to
> > dry, and I use only a good quality grain-free can food if
> > necessary.  Cats with diahrrea are naturally going to be
> > dehydrated, so you really need to be giving them water WITH their
> > food -- a canned food.
> >
> > If the homemade diet is not an option for you though, just try a
> > grain free diet. Wellness has a good canned one, and there are a
> > few grain-free dry foods as well.  Most cats merely 'tolerate'
> > grains, and other cats cannot. It is not natural for them to eat
> > grains.  Oh, and LOTS of cats throw up.  No, it is not good, but it
> > is very common.  My cats don't throw up anymore (other than
> > hairballs) EVER!  I spent tons of time researching making my own
> > food because of so many health issiues w/my kitties -- now I don't
> > have any issues at all.  If you want to learn more, check out
> > catnutrition.com and catinfo.com.  If you follow the recipes to a
> > "T'', you will be amazed!  Good luck, and I hope they get better!
> >
> > Tracey
> >
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