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The kittens Tommy, Chuckie and Angelica,  were altered and
received their rabies vaccinations on September 20, 2009.
(Note, again, Lukey died on October 1).  On October 8 the
kittens then received FVRCP vaccinations and were still
asymptomatic at that time.  About 12-15 days later one of
the male kittens, Chuckie, became lethargic and feverish and
stopped eating just as Lukey had done.  Between October 20
and October 31, despite extended vet visits,
hospitalizations, and negative test results except for mild
anemia (Haemobartonella, toxoplasmosis, coronavirus, ELISA,
PCR, normal lymphocytes and globulins, urine cultures,
x-rays, ultrasounds) with three different vets including one
specialist, the diagnosis remained "fever of unknown origin"
and the only thing done for him was a bucket load of
antibiotics and steroids.  Still thinking that his illness
was perhaps triggered by the vaccination, and distraught
that the conventional approach was failing and his condition
declining, on October 31 I took him straight from a
week-long hospitalization with one vet to the vet I had used
for intravenous vitamin C treatments for my FeLV cat with
lymphosarcoma (who is still alive two years after his
original diagnosis).  We put Chuckie on a vitamin C drip
that day of 5g daily (1g per pound of body weight as we had
used for Linus) for six days, with double drips morning and
evening on the last two days, and he appeared much better
with his fever down.  Unfortunately, the drip was stopped on
Thursday because his veins were shot from all of his earlier
hospitalizations and blood draws and also because the vet's
office would be closed over the weekend.  He still seemed
better on Saturday and was even out in the yard walking
around with me.  By the time the vet opened again on
Tuesday, November 10, however, Chuckie's condition was
critical, with severe neurological involvement including
ataxia and head tremors.  He was hospitalized that day and
the drip restarted, along with his sister Angelica who was
now manifesting with identical symptoms (the third of my
cats to exhibit this illness).   More blood was drawn from
Chuckie and sent for analysis.  Where he had previously been
negative across the board on all test results numerous times
except for chronic mild anemia, the new results returned
with rising coronavirus titers and a PCR test positive for
dry FIP.  He also had eye involvement on ophthalmoscopic
exam including granulomas.  Chuckie was so very sick on the
day that these positive test results returned and clearly
dying that there was no alternative but to euthanize him.
At this point the vet bills for Lukey, Chuckie and Angelica
have totaled nearly $4000 and had it not been for some FEMA
money that we received from the flooding, we would have been
in tremendous debt.  Meanwhile, Angelica is still
hospitalized and following right behind Chuckie with
identical symptoms even including some transient neurologic


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The Story of the Linus Pauling Therapy for Heart Disease, by
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