Do you have a website or something detailing your research, testing data, etc.? What trials for anemia are you involved with? Is your cat on any medications now? Was your cat on Interferon alpha or FOI? If on alpha, was he at the usual 30 unit dosage? How many LTCI shots did he have before turning negative?



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I had my cat on Interferon, LTCI, and Pred. He was given the death sentence by a University Vet, sent home to die. That was over a year ago. He is now FeLV negative, which we were told it was in his bone marrow. We are working on research and trials of different meds for anemia. The high dosage of pred is not a permenant solution. We have spent over $20,000 so far, but it has been worth every penny!! We have hope that through our research & the help of specialists, we can help other cats with this dreaded disease!

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