Frankie had greasy fur so I took him in for blood work. He had pancreatitis.
It is under control with a food change.
The unkempt fur is from not feeling well. They stop grooming themselves.
Frankie also has the guttural cough. He has asthma.
Frankie is not FeLV+.
Good luck. It is very good that she is still eating. I would look for
changes in her stool. Frankie's was fudgy on and off - I realize now it was
probably fudgy when his pancreatitis was acting up.

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I've had MeMe for three years, this month. Considering the condition  
she was in when we got her she has done
very well.
There are two things that concern me right now and I was wondering if  
anyone on the list had any ideas.

Her coat is in terrible condition.  It is hard to describe but it  
looks somewhat oily and really
bedraggled. I guess it should not look healthy since she has Felv,  
but it is a dramatic change from her once
fluffy coat. It has been this way for a few months.
During the past week she has had a deep, almost guttural cough. I  
have only heard it a few times, possibly once
a day, but I've heard it. She's just finished 10 days of Clavamox to  
help keep her stomatitis in check.
She is eating very well but something is off and I am not sure what.  
Her posture is different. She has her paws
tucked under her chest.

We've started her on LTCI injections just before Christmas and I have  
a vet who is making house calls to inject her
and he will be here today. He has not seen the change in her coat nor  
heard this deep cough. I'm not sure what he can
determine without bloodwork. I was hoping that someone with a Felv  
cat might have seen similar changes and had an
idea where to begin.

Sorry this is all so vague.


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