Well, I just got off the phone with the woman who rescued him, and she told me 
some things I hadn't known about. First of all, she said he'd frequently been 
sick:  lethargic, lifeless, with labored breathing. She didn't know he was 
positive at the time. And I thought she'd had him for just a little while, but 
in fact he'd lived with her since last April. I'm not sure when he was tested.
So this guy has been symptomatic for some time, now. I wish I'd known this. I 
would have still taken him in - but I'd have begun some sort of treatment a 
month ago.  She's a reiki practicioner, and when he had these episodes of 
illness she'd work on him and he'd recover. She's driving an hour from Newnan 
tomorrow to meet me at the vet, and we'll take things from there.

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