Consider another FeLV+ cat if adoption takes too long. You can save a life, help both cats live happily and ........ well, two are always easier than one.
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My foster kitty, Zelda, has been diagnosed FeLV+ (snap test and IFA). I am seeking advice on the best way to care for Zelda, who is about a year old and has no symptoms, and also looking for resources and ideas for adoption. She has had extensive bloodwork, and our vet says she is an otherwise healthy girl.

Any advice, particularly regarding adoption resources for FeLV+ cats, would be greatly appreciated. She has a home here as long as she needs it, and I will move mountains if necessary to find an adoptive home for her. She currently has her own room at my house, but I can tell she is a social girl, and she deserves a home of her own. I have four FeLV negative cats of my own, and don't want her to spend her life in a small room by herself.

I am observing normal sanitary protocols - she is separate from my cats with no contact, and I thoroughly wash up when entering and leaving her room.

Right now she is being treated for bartonella, which all of the cats from the colony she came from have tested positive for, and is two weeks into her three week treatment. We also treated her for coccydia. She's been spayed and vaccinated.

Is there anything else I should be doing for her besides providing a warm, quiet environment and lots of love? Thanks for any info you can provide - this is my rescue's first FeLV case. It was suggested that I send her to sanctuary, but I see that option as a last resort, and don't want to turn my back so quickly on this sweet girl who has put her trust in me.



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