Hello everyone, it's been a while since I posted to this list but I read 
everything that's going on.
I now have two FeLV+ cats.  I lost my first positive cat to anemia in November 
of 2008.  When he came into my home and tested positive I finally decided to 
mix my positives and negatives.  Before I lost Buzz, the two positive cats I 
have now came into my life.  I also have 1 FIV+ and 5 negatives in the 
household.  My negatives are all vaccinaated.  
Now Casper, who I thought was negative is acting an awful lot like Buzzy did 
when he became anemic.  I took him to the vet Monday and they did a CBC.  The 
vet was supposed to call yesterday with the results but did not.  : (
They also requested a re-test for FeLV.  I wish now that I had just asked them 
to do the snap test at the office, at least I would know.  If Casper has turned 
positive I will never forgive myself.
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