I will pray for Casper to be negative. I hope you are able to resolve his
illness quickly. I mixed my cats none of the negatives became positive. Some
of them had exposure to Felv before I knew what was going on. So they
probably had a natural immunity. But fate added two more after this all
started. They were vaccinated and remain healthy. I no longer have any
positives. Unlike others in this group mine did not live long. Only junior
survived for two years,

Years ago however I lost a cat to this disease before testing was routine.
He was at least 11 and I am sure he had it all his life. He was always
somewhat sickly. Best cat I ever had.

Sally in VA

Sally(me), Eric (not a cat),Junior(angel), Tiny(angel) Fluffy(soul mate
angel), Lionel(angel),Speedy, Grey and White, Ittle Bitty, Little
Black(MIA), Lily, Daisy, Pewter, Junior Junior, Hotdog (newest) Silver, and
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