There are of course different attitudes toward FELV, as we know. I do feel comfortable mixing FELV and non-FELV cats. Dr. Julie Levy has an article on the Best Friends site in which she says it's relatively hard for adult cats to get infected...

"I agree that colony-housed cats should be vaccinated against FeLV (again, seeking to protect against any FeLV infections that snuck past our testing program). However, most resistance against the virus in adult cats is due to natural immunity. That is why FeLV infection research is usually performed in kittens. It is relatively hard to get adults infected."



On Mar 5, 2010, at 3:03 PM, Tracey Shrout wrote:

I do have a positive(healthy), and I do worry about my other 4 who are
negative (I mix).  However, I have a 12 year old who has always had a
bad reaction (pain in the vax area) to the felv vax, so I will never give
him another one.  As for the others, they have never had such a bad
reaction, but I worry about the vaccination site sarcomas. I have read that they give the felv shots as low on the leg as possible in case they have to amputate. They have all had a minimum of 2 felv vax's, and I hope and pray
that will be enough for them. I worry either way. I no longer vax for
rabies, as I feel it is unnecessary, and, of course, against the advice of my vet. I have had some bad experiences with shots -- one vet vaccinated an emaciated, unhealthy, starving stray cat I had just took in -- my ignorance, I know, but shouldn't SHE have known better? I think it took a toll on her.
My felv+ will never receive any vaccinations.


On Wed, Mar 3, 2010 at 10:22 AM, Laurieskatz <> wrote:

I don't currently have any FeLv+ cats. I am wondering what others do about
vaccinating non FeLV+ cats.

Some of my cats are older (12/13) and some have health issues ( asthma,
pancreatitis, allergies). I really hate to vaccinate these guys for
(including rabies).

Rabies is required but Coco has a terrible reaction every time she is
vaccinated for rabies (stops eating). I know the adjuvant is the suspected caused of VAS. I know there is an adjuvant free distemper vaccine and also an inter nasal. I do not know if there is an adjuvant free rabies vaccine.
also know a smaller needle is recommended for all vaccinations to keep from
injecting the skin plug into the body.

I don't like to vaccinate. I know that adult cats generally do not need the panleukopenia part of the distemper series vaccination. All of mine have been regularly vaccinated for years, except Tessa (she has been here 18 months and vaccinated once for rabies and distemper). We tried the titer
testing but my vet discourages that (I think for cost reasons).

I do not vaccinate for FeLV anymore (I would if I had an FeLV+ cat living with my others). My vet believes the initial round of FeLV vaccinations
might be sufficient for life.

Would others be willing to share what you do about vaccinating?



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