PureVax makes a rabies vaccine with no adjuvant. That is what I get my cats. 
It's more expensive and it lasts only one year instead of 3, but is supposed to 
have no risk of vaccine-associated sarcoma so I think it is worth it.

I only revaccinate yearly because my town has cat licensing AND I am well-known 
to (and disliked by) the animal control officer because I got a TNR ordinance 
passed and run a TNR group. So I go by the book when it comes to my town's 
licensing ordinance in order to avoid any problems! I personally do not think 
cats need rabies updates on the schedule that is required by law, especially if 
they are indoor cats. Challenge studies have shown even one rabies vaccination 
to often last 4 years (without boostering). But I follow the law in my town, 
and try to mitigate any negative effects by only using PureVax.

PureVax also makes an adjuvant free FeLV vaccine-- that one does not even use a 
needle! It's an air gun of some kind. It makes a little popping noise and 
pushes the vaccine under the skin. When I had positives, I got it for my one 
negative every year, even though I kept them separated, just in case. After my 
last positive died I stopped getting him FeLV vaccine because he stays inside.

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