I'm so sorry to hear about Bridget's passing and will be keeping both of you
in my thoughts tonight. It's heartbreaking but at least she passed
peacefully and quietly; I'm sure she's watching over you, thankful for all
the love and friendship you gave her during her time in your care.

I'm absolutely positive that this is NOT your fault. You did the right thing
in having Bridget spayed and trusting your vet. Even if his views differ
from ours on euthanasia of FLV+ cats, it's his duty to do right by you and
abide by your wishes for your companion, who cannot speak for herself but
relies on you (not him) to speak for her. I sincerely doubt any vet would go
against the owner's wishes, as well as professional ethics, and put a cat to
death surreptitiously (except perhaps in the case of PETA).

You did the right thing.

In solidarity,
Anna, Sylvia and Beatrice
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