You've asked a lot of questions.  Very common when you 1st get the news.  Time 
to step back and take a deep breath.  

I don't know why you cat now tests positive.  There is always the chance that 
the test was in error.  

1st treat the UTI.  Baytril is an abx for the UTI.  Common Rx is for 10 days to 
2 weeks.  Give the entire amount prescribed by the vet.  Find a vet who will 
communicate with you, who is willing to be a partner in developing a treatment 
plan for your cat.

I've encountered similar problems with vets writing off my positive cats.  They 
feel they cat has a death warrant so why spend money treating them.  I've lost 
4 babies before they were 1 yr old.  I've lost one rescue who was about 2.  I 
currently have 3 rescues who are almost 3 and one kitten. Max, who is 7 
months.  In addition to the FeLV Max has developed wet FIP.  I know I'll only 
have him a short period of time.  

I vaccinate my negatives and mix my cats.  Some keep theirs separated.  It is a 
personal preference.  

There is no right or wrong when loving and caring for a positive kitty.  The 
key is to love them. feed them the best food you can, and keep their stress 
level as low as possible.

Slow down.  Do your research.  You kitty isn't going to die today or tomorrow 
from FeLV.  Love him, care for him and treasure each day you have together.

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> From: Twisted Princess <>
> Subject: [Felvtalk] the more i find out the more confused i become
> To:
> Date: Friday, March 26, 2010, 3:31 PM
> i am new here. too many archives for
> me to read. just trying to read the ones that the topic
> caught my interest eventually overwhelmed me. my heart goes
> out to all of you who have had losses here. 
> somewhere on the internet (i've been checkiong a lot of
> links about leukemia and taking notes) i read that there are
> 4 different possible reactions a cat will have form FELV
> exposure... immunity, infection,latency or immune carrier
> from my understanding, an ifa will detect infection and a
> pcr test will detect latency. do any of these or other tests
> detect immunity or immune carrier?
> how do you know if a cat has lymphoma? can you actually
> feel the enlarged glands on them? how do you know if a cat's
> bone marrow has been compromised? will this show up in
> bloodwork as a high or low count white blood cells?
> shouldn't a vet want to request you to make a future
> appointment if you bring in a cat with a urinary tract
> infection (complete blockage i was told) and the bloodwork
> comes back with a positive felv? or is sending the cat home
> with -oh my, i just checked the medicine to get the name of
> it, i thought it was for his uti but now i think it actually
> is for the felv. its baytril. .3ml a day. i guess i will
> have to find out if i am suppose to have them refill it when
> i run out. (you would think they would have told me. or else
> i just didn't hear it because i was still in complete
> disbelief and shock.) 
> i have a lot more questions but don't have the time to
> think about what else i don't know.  too many questions and
> when i google links and read info on one question, i end up
> with two more questions plus i get side tracked easily and
> end up on other links that are related to felv but not to
> what i was looking for and those usually leave me with even
> more questions. 
> at least through what i did read in your archives, it
> doesn't seem all that uncommon for a cat that is strictly
> indoors (muilti cat home - 4 cats all indoors 24/7) to end
> up with felv even though all of them have previously tested
> negative or else their mother did when i got them as a
> kitten.
> although i appreciate your site and mailing, i wish i never
> had a reason to know it even existed. but i am sure most
> all, if not everyone, can say the same thing.
> p.s. if you are wondering why i am asking here instead of
> my vet... first of all i called my vet around noon and told
> them my cat had a urinary tract infection and wanted to get
> him seen before i have to leave for work which is 3:30. they
> told me they do surgeries during that time and to bring him
> in the following morning. there areat least two vets if not
> still three that work there. you would think one of them
> could see urgent patients during that time. so i called
> another vet clinic. that is where i took the cat. the vet
> who i spoke with when i brought the cat in was ok. i
> requested to see a vet when i picked the cat up several days
> later and that vet gave me the impression that she had other
> things more important to do than to talk to me and so i
> forgot what all i wanted to ask and decided perhaps the one
> and a half minute of her time i had already taken was more
> than she wanted to give so i gave up and left. if i make
> another appointment i will make
>  sure that they give me the vet i saw the first time.
> however, i may look around for another vet.
> one other question... what good is a felv vaccine if it
> doesn't protect the cat against the disease? the way i see
> it, either it protects or it doesn't and apparently it
> doesn't or else there wouldn't be an issue as to felv+ cats
> being around vaccined felv- cats at rescues, sanctuaries or
> in the home.
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