If its not a deep cut with lots of gushing blood, treat it just as you have.
Keep it clean, and just keep an eye on it.  Chances are the kitty will tear
the bandage off & lick it--not necessarily the worst thing in the world.
Cutting mats out is tricky--most kitties don't make it easy-LOL  And good
for you for taking care of these little ones...

Christiane Biagi

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Hello everyone,
I've been on the list for several months but haven't posted anything. My
neighbor and I are taking care of 4 FeLV cats.  Their mother was a stray cat
in our neighborhood and had kittens in our garage.  I was just trying to cut
a mat out of one of them, just under her front leg, and accidentally cut her
skin.  I feel so bad. I've never done that before to any pet.  It bled a
little but its just the skin that was cut.  We put some Neosporin on it and
a little gauze bandage.  We didn't have any gauze to wrap around the bandage
to keep it on so I cut  a clean Handiwipe in strips and tied it on.  I'm
just wondering if that's the right thing to do.  Do you think I need to take
her to the vet right away or can we just watch it for a few days?  I don't
want to stress her by taking her to the vet if I don't have to.   I have 2
cats of my own and have had quite a few vet bills lately too.  I don't need
any more but I want to do the right thing too.  How do you treat cuts in a
FeLV cat? She's almost 2 years old. 
 I'm becoming quite a worrier.  We have already lost 2 of the kittens we
originally had so I'm on this list to learn as much as I can.   Originally
my vet told us they were FIV and not FeLV but I found out too late for the
first one that that's not the case.  I changed vets and I have someone I can
trust now. My heart and prayers go out to all of you who have lost  little
ones lately.   I cry ever time I read about them and almost got off the list
because it's so painful but I thought I better stay on to learn as much as I
can.  Thanks for any advice you have.  

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