Thoughts and prayers for Mewey! Good plan. 

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Subject: [Felvtalk] scissors cut is getting stitched tomorrow

This seems kind of trivial but in light of the recent emails I'm a little
scared.  Mewey, our FeLV little girl, who I accidentally cut while digging
out a mat, is getting the cut stitched up tomorrow morning under anesthesia.
I would appreciate your good thoughts and prayers for her. 

My prayers go out to all of you who are hurting and struggling.  You don't
know how much good you have done-really.  The amount of knowledge you all
have is amazing.  All of your kittens are lucky to have spent any time with
you, even if it was short.  I really mean that.  Please don't feel that you
let them down because you didn't.  Thank God they weren't with me!
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