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I just saw a post on the FeLV group list where someone was saying how 
depressing the posts on the FeLV list could be... I know much of the news seems 
to be sad, especially when cats pass on, but I wanted to post my heartfelt 
thanks to Michael and his family at Second Chance Meows for finding a spot in 
their home for my FeLV+ kitten "Wisp". 


He responded to my posted plea a few weeks ago about finding a placement for my 
little 6 month old foster tabby girl who had just gotten her FeLV confirmation 
- second test.  I was being pressured by other fostering friends to euthanize 
her and was resisting since she was currently so healthy, loving, and playful, 
except for a tendency toward constipation.  


I foster many many neonatal kittens each year for a So. Cal. rescue group, so 
it was imperative for the potential wellbeing and lives of so many other 
incoming kittens that I find a safe place for Wisp to live so as not 
unwittingly endanger my other fosters.  I had her in the best quarantine I 
could manage, but everyone knows that kittens are both inquisitive and 
ingenious... so I knew it could be a big problem when they got to the climbing 
age.  I had contacted a couple of other shelters, but they were just not a good 
fit for her for various reasons.  I had just taken in 5 newborn kittens and was 
getting pretty desperate when I joined this group and googled for information 
and discovered Snowball's story.


Well, to make a long story short, Michael agreed to take Wisp, and my husband 
and I, with Wisp in a large wire crate in the back seat, made the long trek 
from Ventura to Reno, via I-5 - about 9 or 10 hours of driving... some of it 
behind a snowplow and praying all the time that we could make it through in our 
old Subaru... without any snowchains onboard...we eventually arrived and Wisp 
received a warm welcome from Michael and his wife and one of their other FeLV+ 
cats.  We stayed for over an hour and got to meet almost all the other kitties 
(one was a bit shy and out of sight) and see where Wisp would be living 
whatever days, months, or years that she will be allowed by her Creator and of 
course to talk to Michael and his family and watch him expertly assess our 


I just had a call from Michael and Wisp is having the time of her life.  She 
doesn't have the run of the whole home yet, but what she does have even right 
now is one heck of a lot better than a 7 by 3 by 2 foot cage on sawhorses in my 
livingroom!  Michael told us that the bowel issues are resolving and she is 
looking great and acting very happy.  I miss her, but I KNOW this is the most 
perfect placement I could have found for her... a loving home with other FeLV+ 
cats she can socialize with and someone who is knowledgeable about FeLV+ and a 
family that will take care of her for as long as she lives.


Thank you from the bottom of my heart - Michael, Char, and family!




Georgetta (with 11 neonatal fosters - gotta go feed!)  bye for now!


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