It seems to be the same all over the country.  Most people really
don't worry about what happens to all those kittens they allow their
pets to have.  They always have money for everything else, but use
the excuse they can't afford to spay their cat, so those poor little
kittens are either dumped or given to anyone who will take them off
their hands.

We live in a rural area and our only animal shelter is the county
shelter, and they just announced they will no long take kittens!
I wonder if they think this will force people to neuter or spay.
It won't of course, and when I think of all those kittens being
born at this time of the year I am devastated.  Not that our 
shelter was a good one anyway..... They euthanize by gassing the
animals and then incinerating them. I thought gassing was outlawed
but apparently not. It's heartbreaking.  Sounds like the shelters
in GA are just as bad or worse.

> unless we pay to have the cats vetted, then they sell those cats
> for $150 and pocket every dime. Now that's a crappy rescue. There
> are some baaaaad shelters here in GA. I won't mention any names,
> but there are several I've heard of that IMMEDIATELY take owner
> surrendered animals to the back and put them down. Those pets never
> even get a chance to be adopted. It may be different in other areas
> of the country, but most GA shelters?have high euthanasia rates
> relative to adoption rates. There are no no-kill county shelters in
> GA; to label a shelter as "bad" because they are forced to
> euthanize is just unfair. Nobody wants to do it; everyone is
> miserable and snippy and cranky on euthanasia day, even the ones
> who have to take antidepressants?as a result.?We only euthanize one
> day a week, our director puts down as few animals?as possible,?and
> some days we've been back at capacity by the end of the day, the
> turn-ins are so bad.?Intakes are high?- several times we've had 30
> or so owner-surrendered animals come in within just a couple of
> hours. Adoptions are slow, nobody wants cats or larger
> dogs,?only?small dogs, puppies and sometimes kittens (mostly at
> Christmas).?Just today we had 8 cats turned in - one is diabetic
> and was surrendered because the owner didn't want to pay for
> insulin shots. Pathetic. She just kept screaming at me, "I can't
> afford to take her to the vet! I can't pay for it!" I charged her a
> $40 euthanasia fee - we will try to get that cat out of there, but
> that owner needed to pay for something. One day somebody turned in
> 15 cats because they were moving. It's so discouraging, they keep
> coming in and coming in, and we've been getting pregnant cats and
> kittens like crazy over the past 2 months, and this kitten season
> will be a bloodbath. This is the time of year when I have to
> imagine a zipper over my mouth because I get so fed up with these
> people, nasty stuff just slips on out.  Our director will not
> euthanize cats with FeLV and FIV. We adopt them out. He knows that
> I have cats with both and he knows that they can have a great
> quality of life. Sorry for venting, I just get tired of being told
> - from both the public and from people in rescue - that "you kill
> animals there." If they have a solution for dealing?with all the
> so-called strays and owner surrenders and accidental litters, we
> would be happy to hear about it.

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