what a heart warming story! from what i understand, many if not most rescues 
never even give a cat who produces a positive result on the first test even a 
chance to be tested with the confirmation test. in fact many pet owners don't 

with the pet owners it is possible that the vet never even tells them any thing 
other than their cat has feline leukemia or that their cat tested positive for 
feline leukemia. the cat owner hasn't a clue that the initial test should be 
followed by a confimation test. others can't afford to do much moreĀ  and end up 
having the cat euthanized. and many who can afford it simply don't want to 
spend much money on something they consider as "just a cat".

with rescues, i can understand them not going further than the first test. i 
don't necessarily agree with that but i can understand it. however, i feel it 
was unfair of your fostering friends trying to pressure you into having the 
kiitten euthanized. i'm sure they meant well but personally i think they were 
out of line. 

be proud that you stood your ground and continued to try and find placement for 
wisp. the odds were stacked against you, it's hard enough to find a good home 
for any cat or kitten might less one that has felv. but luckily for you and 
wisp, you beat some pretty tough odds.

i would imagine that michael will let you return to visit wisp if you are 
willing to make the drive now and then. it sounds like he might also keep you 
updated every so often on wisps condition. sounds like a good deal to me! 
wisp's life will undoubtedly be cut short but at least it sounds like what time 
he does have here on earth will be happy with good times with many other kitty 
friends and wonderful caring human friends. although his time is short, i'm 
sure he will have had a happier life than what many other less fortunate cats 
have had, whether they lived a short life or a long life. 

thanks for sharing an upbeat message and thanks for all the fostering you do 
and thanks for not giving in and for continuing to try and find good placement 
for wisp. i just wish more people were like you. best wishes for wisp's future 
and best wishes to you. i hope that this will be your only experience with any 
cat diseases andĀ  that all of your future foster babies will be healthy.


(i hope this doesn't post twice. i sent it earlier but forgot to put in a 
subject line.)

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